Scarefest 2013 continued…

After a nice-ish night at the Vane, I was ready to set off for my second day at Alton Towers. Hopefully after the bad luck we endured on Saturday, we would have a better day on park. Well…

The day started off alright. We set off towards the Dark Forest to ride Thirteen. The queue went quite quickly and pretty soon there was a TST takeover on one of the trains. It was time for ‘lunch’ so a small group of us headed off towards Carnival so we could get that maze done. And I have to say it was definitely a great improvement than last year, especially with the finale.
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Scarefest 2013

What a weekend!

I am finally home after what has been a very interesting and explosive weekend. Let me take you back to what happened during the weekend.

Saturday morning. I got up extremely early. Excitement was kicking in but I guess having an early night makes you get up early. Really early – 6am. I decided to stay up as I knew it would be difficult for me to get back to sleep. Got myself ready and set off for the local Tesco so I could top up my petrol ready for Monday. So all was going well. I arrived at Towers around 8.45am and walked down to the entrance plaza where I was met with long queues already. This was the first sign that the park was going to be busy.
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Thorpe Park Fright Nights

I went to Thorpe Park Fright Nights on Saturday, which worked perfectly considering I had just been paid so I didn’t need to worry about money!

I thought the event in general was a great improvement on last year’s event. Last year consisted of you being stuck in Thorpe Park’s own madhouse where the lunatics (roaming actors to you and I) were out and about to scare unwitting guests around the park. Whilst this worked to some extent, I felt the theme wasn’t very known around the park. This year however, you are part of the Thorpe Park movie studios and are the ‘stars’ of the shows.
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