February Favourites

FebruaryFavouritesWhere on earth did February go? Despite the fact that I spent most of it trying to get over this viral infection that’s been going around, it has felt like this month has been and gone. January dragged on for god knows how long and February is just a blur. It means that with the end of the month in sight, time to write down my favourites for the month.

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Disneyland Paris is NOW one to watch!

DXDNSQyWsAE_RWI.jpg-largeDisneyland Paris has officially become a park to watch in the theme park world! FACT.

Seriously, I squealed in the office at work today when I saw the announcement from Disneyland Paris. We kinda knew it was going to happen at some point but my god, it is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to start keeping tabs on construction and keeping up to date with it all!

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The pros of visiting a theme park in the rain!

1173659_10151845367364800_1508483313_nYou’re a true theme park geek if you can work out where this photo was taken! *wink*

It’s worth noting that as I’m writing this post, the weather outside is beautiful, blue skies and glorious sunshine. It’s not hot by any means, come on, it’s still February. Doesn’t really make sense, right? Trust me, I was thinking about the weather, and how much I want to be at a theme park – closed season, winter, boredom have taken their toll and now I’m craving a theme park trip – and I thought, let’s write a post about why you SHOULD still visit theme parks even when the weather is a bit miserable.

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