June Road Trip – Best New Coasters

June Road Trip Best New Coasters

You may not have realised on here as I had quite a short hiatus during the summer period but I went over to Germany in June to explore a couple of new parks as well as visit some old favourites. It was a fun trip to say the least as it provided some incredible views across the German Bavaria area – I cannot get over how gorgeous Germany is as a country. These road trips that I plan are one of the reasons I love travelling as you really get a chance to explore more than just the theme parks – I have major wanderlust! I wanted to reflect on some of the best new coasters that I got to experience on this trip along with some of my old favourites that I couldn’t wait to re-ride.

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September Holiday Highlights


Well, last week sorta flew right on by! I have only just returned to work today and already getting this blog post out whilst everything is fresh in my memory. In case you haven’t been following my social media channels, I visited a few theme parks across Germany, Netherlands and Belgium last week – and had a mighty good time exploring them all and going upside down on a variety of new creds, 48 to be exact! I am definitely suffering from the ol’ post holiday blues right now (even though I have got another trip planned next month!)

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Monthly Loves – August Edition

So… hey there again! It’s been a long 4 months since I last wrote a blog post on here. And yes, that’s incredibly bad of me and I should be more motivated – in all fairness, I completely lost touch with writing content and other stuff has been going on behind the scenes so here I am, writing a blog post again! Yay!

Where on earth is this year going? It’s September already and we’re now entering my favourite time of year – hello Halloween, my birthday and Christmas! I cannot wait, and I’m even more excited that I am off to Germany/Netherlands/Belgium NEXT WEEK! A week of theme parks is just what I need right now, and hopefully I will reach my 400 milestone on my coaster count – wonder what will take that spot? Anyway, since August has literally flown by, I thought I would reflect on my August favourites!

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The many faces of rollercoaster riders


I don’t quite know why this idea came into my head – simply from compiling an email for work then I decided this would be a good blog post to write up! – but it got me thinking about those moment where you people watch when queuing up for a coaster. Even as a theme park enthusiast, you can’t deny that you will have at one point in your life, made one of these faces on any coaster – be it as a child or as an adult.

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What’s in my bag: Theme Park Edition


When it comes to visiting a theme park, we would all love to have Mary Poppins style pockets that can hold everything we could ever need to take to a theme park. Imagine never having to bag faff ever again?? One can only dream! I like to think I am pretty savvy when it comes to packing my theme park bag, however I always try to bring stuff that I know I will need – even though we can’t predict what will happen on the day.

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Moors Valley Country Park – Top 5 Things to Do

I have spent many years as a youngster with my family, exploring the beauty and wonder of Moors Valley Country Park. Located near Ringwood in the New Forest, Moors Valley is one of those places you need to experience if you are in the local area. There’s so much to see and do, it has become my favourite day out destination in the spring/summer when the sun is shining.

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ATTRACTION REVIEW: Haunted House Monster Party

Haunted House Monster Party is now officially open at Legoland Windsor for the 2019 season! You are invited by Lord Vampyre to his Monster Party where he will literally turn the whole house UPSIDE DOWN. I travelled up to Legoland Windsor on Saturday 12th April to experience the new attraction for myself, and I must say, based on first impressions, I was impressed.

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5 reasons to visit Paultons Park

Paultons Park Entrance LogoSource

With all the upcoming news about the new area, Tornado Springs, coming to Paultons Park in 2020 – which I am eagerly waiting for might I add! – I couldn’t help but put the spotlight on my local park. If you are not aware, Paultons Park is based in Ower, near Southampton and is possibly, one of my favourite parks to visit. Might be slightly biased as I have pretty much grown up with the park!

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