Theme Park Enthusiast Annoyances


I feel like this is a subject that isn’t really touched upon within the enthusiast world or if it does, it turns into a massive discussion/debate (I’m making a massive assumption here!). Anywho, I have been a long-time enthusiast and have observed how the community, as it were, has changed. And there are some negative points that I feel like sharing. Judge me all you want, maybe some enthusiasts might relate?

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26 things I’ve learnt in 26 years


I’ve seen a few people do these style of blog posts and I thought I join in on the bandwagon. So, in case you didn’t know, I’m 26 years old – getting ever so close to 30. And I personally don’t feel like I have truly lived my life to the fullest – mostly down to money or lack thereof. However, I have learnt an awful lot whilst growing up and understanding more about the world around me.

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10 ‘Theme Park’ related facts about myself

roller-coaster-2069862-croppedNot quite sure why I thought this would be a good blog post, but since I’m a theme park enthusiast, I thought I would write 10 facts about myself. However with more of a theme park twist. Gives you guys a chance to get to know me better, if you don’t already! So let’s get on with this.

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