Let it Snow at Alton Towers

IMG_2194What can I say about this weekend just gone?

It certainly did not go to plan with the cold temperatures, wind and snow halting most of the park from opening. However, I can now say I have experience Alton Towers in a blizzard. Seriously, the most surreal feeling was looking at a new rollercoaster whilst the snow fell really hard and turning myself into a snowwoman.

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Tulley’s Shocktober Fest 2017

Need to visit one of the UK’s top scare attractions. Check.

Friday 13th October. Check.

What better time to visit Tulley’s Shocktober Fest than on Friday 13th October?


I was very much looking forward to visiting Tulley’s Shocktober Fest after hearing amazing reviews over the last few years. And I must say, I left Tulley’s last Friday wondering ‘How on earth did I not visit here sooner?’
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Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2017

It’s that spooky time of year again, where theme parks prepare the scares and dress up their parks with pumpkins and spooky filled lighting. Thorpe Park is no exception and it was very nice to visit the park for their Fright Nights media event.


This year is different for the park as they have teamed up with AMC to produce 2 new scare attractions to their line-up, The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare and The Walking Dead: Sanctum. Also back this year for Fright Nights is The Big Top – a firm favourite among many enthusiasts, Platform 15 which was new for last year and SAW Alive.
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Fireworks Finale

I am home after what has been a truly wonderful weekend away at Alton Towers.

Friends. Fireworks. Fun.

Pretty much had a fantastic weekend, definitely a high point that was needed after the last few weeks of depressiveness.

I could not fault anything with the weekend. I got the chance to experience an amazing fireworks display for two evenings, and I was blown away by them! To be reunited with the people who I really care about as well, it made the weekend so special to me.
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Scarefest 2013 continued…

After a nice-ish night at the Vane, I was ready to set off for my second day at Alton Towers. Hopefully after the bad luck we endured on Saturday, we would have a better day on park. Well…

The day started off alright. We set off towards the Dark Forest to ride Thirteen. The queue went quite quickly and pretty soon there was a TST takeover on one of the trains. It was time for ‘lunch’ so a small group of us headed off towards Carnival so we could get that maze done. And I have to say it was definitely a great improvement than last year, especially with the finale.
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